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Sex, Lies, and Autism Research

  How can we get tangible benefit from the millions we spend on autism science?. Posted Nov 12, 2017 The U.S. government is the world’s biggest funder of autism research.  For the past decade I have had the honor of advising various agencies and committees on how that money should be spent. As an adult

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No, the Mercury in Vaccines Does Not Cause Autism

   By Jordan Gaines Lewis, Ph.D. With the recent news of President-Elect Trump’s talks with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to potentially head a new commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, many in the scientific and healthcare communities are understandably rattled. Kennedy is a well-known skeptic of vaccine safety, and has previously described the vaccine/autism allegations as such:   “They

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Child Prodigies and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stephen Camarata Ph.D. Intelligence, Genius and High Achievement Are Not “On” the Autism Spectrum Posted Apr 01, 2016 April is autism awareness month—so autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will be in the news. Although the recent redefinition of autism as a spectrum condition ensures that children whose disabilities were previously unrecognized and left untreated

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