Free Books


Hoffmann & Hoffmann for autism researches

It is not necessary to donate to read any digital book, but if you can, the money will go towards the associations that you indicate or towards our selected institute.


Egoists (A book of Supermen)

James Huneker

This new edition of Huneker’s book
that saw his first appearance in 1909, is wholly
devoted to those modern poets, philosophers
and prose masters whose writings embody the
individualistic idea as opposed to altruistic and
socialistic sentiments.

Nel vuoto (Italian Edition)

Susanna Casubolo

Le indagini di una ragazza ficcanaso e del suo fedele cane Scheggia. Un apparente suicidio, amori e quotidiana follia nella Roma bene contemporanea.

Talks with Mussolini (Unusual Conversation)

Emil Ludwig

The following conversations took place in the
Palazzo di Venezia at Rome, being held almost daily
for an hour at a time between March 23 and April
4, 1932, both dates inclusive.


Roberto Sironi & Marigrazia Pia

Art book (English/Italian)

26 Giorni ( Italian Edition)

F. Guzzardi

La fine di un regno ( Italian edition)

DE Cesari

The Artist

Michele Iacono


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