COVID-19 Causes: Exploring the Unanswered Questions

Newswise Live Expert Panel discussion of unique angles to the COVID-19 outbreak of interest to the public and the media, including public health, testing, business […]

Combating Human Trafficking

Each year, more than 40 million men, women and children are trafficked worldwide. It manifests in numerous forms and has grown into a multi-billion-dollar illegal […]

Immigration Issues at U.S.-Mexico Border

The U.S.-Mexican border is a potent political symbol. Today, Americans are deeply divided in their assumptions about it. But it has not always been this way. Where did such strength of feeling come from? And what should we do about it? Camilla Townsend, Distinguished Professor of History at Rutgers–New Brunswick explores these topics in her new course Wars, Wayfarers and the Wall: The History of the U.S.-Mexican Border

Autism CARES Act of 2019

“The Autism CARES Act of 2019 not only renews federal support for existing autism research and programs but also expands these activities, placing an increased emphasis on reducing health disparities and improving services throughout the life span.”

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