The sick love

It is difficult to explain what the suffering of love and more generally love is, but it is easier to say what love is not, […]

The Narcissist Covert

The Wolves in sheep’s clothing Unlike open narcissists who show their narcissism and flaunt it nonchalantly, the covert narcissist is as if somehow sensed that […]

Toxic relationships

The day before, he / she was sending you love letters, promising marriages and the next day you no longer exist, he/she tells me that […]

Narcissism VS Borderline

Narcissism and borderline are similar diagnosis so much that they can be confused but have important differences, in both cases, however, falling in love with […]

A Natural Lover

We certainly don’t need doctrines, religions or anything else that teaches us to love, because this is part of us. By F. Guzzardi Doctor Helen […]

Gods are not empathetic

Empathetic animals Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to feel empathy for others, to experience only emotions related to anger, fear, envy. Still, […]

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