Sensory Neurons and Autism

A greenhorn study from Penn medication lends a lot of proof that the social behaviors tied to syndrome spectrum disorders (ASD) emerge from abnormal perform […]

ASD Syndrome

Physiological take a look at for ASD syndrome Proves Effective freelance of Co-occurring Conditions Developing a physiological check for designation syndrome spectrum disorder (ASD), one […]

I love you

Love and Narcissism Feelings have their roots in the unconscious. When we tell someone I love you, we’re actually not entirely credible. Love which is […]

Teenagers with Asperges disorder

High functioning autism which was previously referred to as asperges disorder I want to talk about the symptoms that somebody might present with and then […]

Better sleep to live better

Difficulties falling asleep, awakenings during the night, early awakening, poor quality sleep … Those who sleep poorly are familiar with these disorders.¬†However, there are simple […]

Offbeat science: how to detect a person who is lying by SMS?

How do you know if the content of a text message or a message on a social network is really true? Although there is little […]

Back to school and coronavirus: France is not ready according to several doctors

For several doctors from different departments, the measures taken to ensure the start of the school year during this pandemic period are insufficient. They published […]

The refrigerator mother theory

Refrigerator mother theory is a theory that autism is caused by a lack of maternal warmth. Current research indicates that genetic factors are suspected in the cause of autism By F. […]

Stuff your kids with love

Autistic children are like all children, hungry for attention and love. An attention that sometimes we parents do not know how to give, because, perhaps […]

Codependent: A magnet for the Narcissist

 “This post, is about to help you, arm you-selves against the narcissist that it bump up against in yur lifetime and if you’re codependent or […]

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