Gods are not empathetic

Empathetic animals Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to feel empathy for others, to experience only emotions related to anger, fear, envy. Still, […]

Stuff your kids with love

Autistic children are like all children, hungry for attention and love. An attention that sometimes we parents do not know how to give, because, perhaps […]

Codependent: A magnet for the Narcissist

 “This post, is about to help you, arm you-selves against the narcissist that it bump up against in yur lifetime and if you’re codependent or […]

A Narcissist Thing

“One thing you need to know about narcissists: living with a pathologically narcissistic person in your life is very painful, far from just being benignly in love with themselves.”

Five things about a Narcissistic Mother

Although we can consciously recognize the lack of love and our unhappiness within our family of origin, it is unlikely that we will be able […]

Love Notes…

In these days of world suffering, a touch of love notes to cheer the heart.Published by Hoffmann & Hoffmann with the contribution of Blurb, a […]

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