Music therapy

WRITTEN BY Kathleen M. Howland Kathleen M. Howland is a certified music therapist and licensed speech language pathologist and holds a Ph.D from the University of South Carolina. Music therapy, clinical discipline in which music is used to address nonmusical goals. Therapists use music listening, songwriting, improvisation, and lyric analysis as means of fulfilling goals in movement, cognition, speech… Read More Music therapy

Back to School?

AU Pandemic Expert Provides Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and Return to School Newswise — Florida Atlantic University’s Terry Adirim, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., chair and professor of pediatrics, Integrative Medical Sciences Department, and senior associate dean for clinical affairs, Schmidt College of Medicine, provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19… Read More Back to School?

$2.3m Grant to Fund New Direction in Autism Spectrum Disorders Research at KU

LAWRENCE — While much research has been devoted to the social and communication issues that define autism spectrum disorders (ASD), much less is known about motor deficits that affect the majority of, if not all, individuals with ASD. These include not only repetitive behaviors such as hand flapping and rocking, but also problems with both… Read More $2.3m Grant to Fund New Direction in Autism Spectrum Disorders Research at KU

Can a pathological narcissist ashamed of or feel remorse?

Notwithstanding that, my advice is not to even try to understand the narcissist but to run away and disconnect any contact This is the question many victims of these individuals ask themselves. But the mistake they make and we all make it – is that you think narcissists are fundamentally like you, only that they… Read More Can a pathological narcissist ashamed of or feel remorse?

The refrigerator mother theory

Refrigerator mother theory is a theory that autism is caused by a lack of maternal warmth. Current research indicates that genetic factors are suspected in the cause of autism By F. Guzzardi Origins of theory In his 1943 paper that first identified autism, Leo Kanner called attention to what appeared to him as a lack of warmth among the mothers of autistic children. In… Read More The refrigerator mother theory

The soul in love

Sometimes you know, you wake up as if we were drowning, you pull your head out of the water and you realize that you are in your usual bedroom with your usual TV on, with your usual life hanging on the wall. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Sometimes I say, I know it is not easy but,… Read More The soul in love

A Natural Lover

We certainly don’t need doctrines, religions or anything else that teaches us to love, because this is part of us. By F. Guzzardi Doctor Helen Fisher claims to have studied the brain Brown 75 people over 75 people who were madly in love into a brain scan 17/15 and 17 who are in love long-term… Read More A Natural Lover

Gods are not empathetic

Empathetic animals Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to feel empathy for others, to experience only emotions related to anger, fear, envy. Still, there is a very high percentage of people in the world that are almost totally empathetic. Sometimes I think that if there was a God or some other higher identity,… Read More Gods are not empathetic

Stuff your kids with love

Autistic children are like all children, hungry for attention and love. An attention that sometimes we parents do not know how to give, because, perhaps too busy with our troubles, working with relationships, we do not notice what we are losing. We lose the smile, their joy when they reach a desired goal that is… Read More Stuff your kids with love

Codependent: A magnet for the Narcissist

 “This post, is about to help you, arm you-selves against the narcissist that it bump up against in yur lifetime and if you’re codependent or you’re an empatic you are a magnet for this people! ” The feel that other people feel, and that ability although beautiful, help us be really human and allows us to… Read More Codependent: A magnet for the Narcissist