Thinking of you
by instinct
I closed my eyes for a moment,
thinking of you,
and it is important that you know.
I was thinking of you,
as we were, before we lost the light of the eyes, that crossed the continents. Thinking of you,
there will be no more days like our days,
nor moons equal to our moons.

Thinking of you,
how you changed
and it was easy to predict after all
that everything changes without meaning to.
I was thinking of you, that I had forgotten in the corner of my mind
locked up and with eyes full of sparkling diamonds.
I thought of you, with broken shoes
with heart in hand,
I had given up on you, to pursue other models of life
as everyone does
but I have never abandoned you,
indeed, I have cultivated your thoughts by taking care of them and letting them rest, jealously, because I didn’t want to expose you to the world.

I was thinking of you
that you’re back in me

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