Fabrizio Catalfamo (F. Guzzardi)
Fabrizio Catalfamo (F. Guzzardi)

Empathetic animals

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to feel empathy for others, to experience only emotions related to anger, fear, envy. Still, there is a very high percentage of people in the world that are almost totally empathetic. Sometimes I think that if there was a God or some other higher identity, it would surely be a totally empathy-free animal.

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It must be sad, pretend to love, pretend happiness, pretend emotion, embrace, mention a love you. Terrible to give birth to a child to prove that he is equal to everyone, or to marry someone to hate.

Hate all their family members by pretending to be the best of their children or brother, father or mother. It must be terrible, yet many of them live next to us, they can be friends (fake) Wives or husbands (fake) or lovers.

If there was a God

Sometimes I think that if there was a God, these people would be his children and that would also be natural, since God would not have empathy, they would also be the favorite children, in his image and likeness, isn’t it also written in the Bible?

The anti – God

Here, this I think and terrifies me that it could happen to one of my children or even to one of my neighbors. What worse divine punishment (typical of the Gods) can exist if not that, of not feeling emotions towards others. That almost premonitory gift of feeling the other part of your world, of grasping the subtle inclinations of mood, feeling the pity and compassion without which there can be no understanding of the other. Being able to mitigate the sense of envy typical of the species, soften arrogance, mitigate anger, control fears. Empathy is the anti-God par excellence and this is why Narcisio assumes an attitude of Omnipotence, that is, he makes himself similar to God, totally devoid of empathy towards the rest of the world.

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