By F. Guzzardi
Are the things that change, they have the sense of memory, they feed on illusions and the things he stay, are the genetic ego appendices, that brings us to always to err. This is an extract of a memories of Italian emigrants in America but it could be another people, one at random, Syrian, Palestinian or otherwise. It is a piece of an old story, too old, already forgotten and renewed in other sauces, more modern, adapted to the cycle of life.

In history and geography (for school use) written

by a Hendrick Villen Von Loon published in Philadelphia

in 1922, we read: “The Greeks had their rivals. We call

Romans these rivals. Now you see them every day. They will not win

over the world as their ancestors, but they are dirty and work on the railways or sell bananas and hazelnuts. “

   A teacher from “Western Review” gave his students the following theme: “Tell me the reasons of the inferiority of Italian Americans.”

An official of the city of Cleveland, invited to speak

a church said: “The violators of the law of prohibition (of

alcoholic beverages) are for the most part Italian. I would put

these people on boats and drown them in the open sea. “

And similar examples can be cited to hundreds!

To all this is added the deep ethnic reason of envy,

and many times of hate, which surround the Italian

American, and that goes back to the cosmopolitan character of the same population

of the country.

The United States can not encamp

its own breed. Only now van doing cyclopic efforts to form

a typical nationalities, all its own. Peoples of all races and

nation have come here, and they keep coming. So far the country has

status field of huge competitions races. By the various unions

is the present generation of this country where the population,

Americanized by the Government‘s efforts, it has so far

tried to devise laws and dictate orders such as to maintain

the national team and at the same time, not to hurt

interests, susceptibility and sentimentality of the peoples

from various races.

 In a population so made of mixtures, the stronger

one who wins and dominating. The imposition until now was dictated

mostly by the Anglo-Saxons; For some time the Irish

a looked down upon daily (like today are the Italians) have

advanced followed immediately by the Germans; even the Polish overlook

horizon of public life; on of all, then, extend

the tentacles of the Jewish race that, in this country, has finally

found the Eldorado of her miseries.

Of course, the racial prejudice, jealousy, fear,

overt and covert hostility of other nations who fear our

genius and who see in us a strong race are the influences

always ready to exaggerate our faults, to expose ourselves in the most

light left, in that while, with deliberate malice, it ignores or

misrepresents what we back to the glory and honor.

 It ‘a continuous work of devaluation” of all things, or firm,

or high Italian event, which will work, however, and

anywhere, against us.

The life of Italian in America, therefore, in the last fifty

years or so, it was all very sad odyssey.

This our poor emigration not recorded in the book of

his story of pain pages. The most violent explosions

xenophobia of the indigenous population (which usually moves

to delirium for the suffering of a dog, a cat or a horse)

They beat on stray scions of our race. IS’

amazing the barbaric persecution who often were made

sign, the drunken mob of hatred and revenge, to the smallest,

insignificant, silly pretext, the Italians.

 It ‘a fact that our derelict, eternally wandering population

It was a victim of savage persecution, relentless, unremitting:

by criminal events in New Orleans, where several

tens of Italians were killed, the poor worker harassed,

insulted, beaten, killed, in the mines, for the campaigns,

in factories; by lynchings newspapers in the Southern states,

the cowardly assaults against the derelict “guinea, the ferocious fighter

the victim “dago” in the streets of populous cities,

up to stunning, tragic events Ides West Frankfort, Illinois

Recently when a whole Italian Cologne (mostly

composed of Emiliani and Marchiggiani) he had to leave

his roof, his bread, his cattle, all the precious things of

his new life, raising arms to his patients, his women,

his oldest, her children, and go up the street of the Calvary, in the dark,

into the unknown, leaving behind a trail of blood, poor

bodies torn to pieces by the furious rabble, who urged even,

relentless! … The same thing happened – very recently – in Beaverdale,


 We remember that in 1915 a whole honest and industrious colony

It was in danger of terrible punishment if they did not let

Bedford, Indiana; in the State of Mississippi our workers in

1913 were themselves the object of cruel torture and the Italian children

It was even forbidden, as the Japanese and the Chinese, in California

and elsewhere, to attend public schools. countryman

who dared to raise his voice, protesting, it was hanged!

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