dirty pattern texture wall

The walls

Just to understand in the meantime, autism is a condition in which there are deficits at the level of communication, imagination, social interaction and with […]

photo of women kissing

Toxic relationships

The day before, he / she was sending you love letters, promising marriages and the next day you no longer exist, he/she tells me that […]

multicolored abstract illustration

ASD Syndrome

Physiological take a look at for ASD syndrome Prov...

My fac**** nasty Florida divorce

Year # 4, Chapter 1 Today was the big day for me, I had obtained after four years of continuous complaints in which I explained […]

I love you

Love and Narcissism Feelings have their roots in t...

The refrigerator mother theory

Refrigerator mother theory is a theory that autism is caused by a lack of maternal warmth. Current research indicates that genetic factors are suspected in the cause of autism By F. […]

Stuff your kids with love

Autistic children are like all children, hungry for attention and love. An attention that sometimes we parents do not know how to give, because, perhaps […]

Love Notes...

In these days of world suffering, a touch of love notes to cheer the heart.Published by Hoffmann & Hoffmann with the contribution of Blurb, a […]

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