dirty pattern texture wall

The walls

Just to understand in the meantime, autism is a condition in which there are deficits at the level of communication, imagination, social interaction and with […]

heart shaped red neon signage

The sick love

It is difficult to explain what the suffering of l...

close up photo of woman holding flower

The Narcissist Covert

The Wolves in sheep’s clothing Unlike open narcissists who show their narcissism and flaunt it nonchalantly, the covert narcissist is as if somehow sensed that […]

multicolored abstract illustration

ASD Syndrome

Physiological take a look at for ASD syndrome Proves Effective freelance of Co-occurring Conditions Developing a physiological check for designation syndrome spectrum disorder (ASD), one […]

I love you

Love and Narcissism Feelings have their roots in t...

Better sleep to live better

Difficulties falling asleep, awakenings during the night, early awakening, poor quality sleep … Those who sleep poorly are familiar with these disorders. However, there are simple […]

Gods are not empathetic

Empathetic animals Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to feel empathy for others, to experience only emotions related to anger, fear, envy. Still, […]

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